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The second booster pack series released for Gundam M.S War was based on the movie for Gundam Wing titled "Endless Waltz". This included all the Gundams in their custom variations as well as the pilots in their movie outfit variations.

  • 16 Mobile suits.
  • 14 Pilot cards.
  • 22 Event cards.
  • 8 Battlefield cards.

There was no starter deck for this series. The booster packs had the name "Gundam M.S. War Gundam-W Endless Waltz" instead of "Gundam M.S War.". The booster pack also states both factions "OZ Corp / Wing Gundam Team" on the front.

Card Type - Rarity - Name

Card Type:​

  • BF = Battlefields
  • EV = Events
  • MS = Mobile Suits
  • PL = Pilots


  • C = Common
  • U = Uncommon
  • R = Rare
  • H = Holo
  • G = Gold Stamped

Download Complete playable scan of all three sets here:

Endless Waltz - OZ Corp / Wing Gundam Team



Mobile Suits