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Q: Why this revise re-work?

  • As a game designer, I decided for a starting challenge to revise Gundam M.S. War into a playable state without heavy changes and keeping the game as close to the original as possible.

The biggest flaw with Gundam M.S War was the poor and sloppy rules. It seems like they wanted to do what Magic The Gathering has done and put new rules on the cards. Unfortunately those rules needed further explaination and were completely unclear.

This is my personal attempt to created a REVISE rule set for cards, terms, and clarification on many things that made little sense and slowed/dulled down the gameplay. These rules are in addition to the normal "Ace Level" rules from the rule book. Forget about the "Newtype" or "Rookie" level.

This section will be updated as time comes and games are played. This will be a work in progress. These rules are of course all optional. You may borrow from deck building to a rule clarification (or use them all together). You can always resort to determining what a card does or how an original rule can be handled with whoever you are playing with.

Deck Construction:

Deck size and Building

When building a deck, use these restrictions to determine how many cards can be in a deck. And how many copies of each card you can have. Remember to use the card's number not its name to determine how many copies you can have.

  • Deck of 15 - 1 of any card
  • Deck of 30 - 2 of any card
  • Deck of 50 - 3 of any card

Limited Cards

Some cards are too strong for their own good. Having multiples in your deck would allow you to steam roll your opponent unfairly. For balancing reason, certain cards will become "Limited" which will dictate how many of copies of said card you can have in a deck.  

  • Deck of 15 - 0 Limited Cards  
  • Deck of 30 - 1 Limited Cards  
  • Deck of 50 - 2 Limited Cards  

Please note, The Deck size and Limited cards were originally intended for "Ace Level" (30 card deck). Raising the limits/copies for "Newtype Level" has not been thoroughly tested. It made sense in a bigger deck to allow more copies of individual cards to make a more lengthy and strategic battle of Newtype Level, rather than quick and decisive skirmishes of Ace Level.

General Rules:

Winning the Game:

Forget about the objective cards, they are stupid. From here on there are two ways to win a match:

  • Score 6 War Experience Points by battle.
  • Your opponents deck is depleted. 

Support - Defend

A handful of cards reference lines such as "can defend with an additional M.S. card" (MS-052), but there is no further information on what this is suppose to mean/do. It seems the creators thought it would be self explanatory, like Magic, but wasn't obvious enough. Hopefully this re-work called "Support - Defend" gives a better perspective at what they attempted to do as well as provide strategic value for said cards, and of course a re-work spin to it.

Follow the regular battle phase steps up to the defending player declaring defenders.

  1. As per usual you can only assign 1 defender to 1 attacker.
  2. Mobile suits with the affect "can defend with an additional M.S card" aka "Support - Defend" can 'team up' (so to speak) with any defender making the defense a 1 vs 2. Or 1 vs 3, there is no limit to how many cards can do this as long as they have the rule to do so. Make sure to declare this before you are done declaring defenders as per regular.
  3. Place the mobile suits side by side on top of each other to indicate the team up. It is important to indicate which mobile suit is first, second, and so on by placing them left to right.
  4. The two defending mobile suits combine their clash points for a single total.
  5. Other cards such as battle fields, pilots, effects and events apply as normal.
  6. Compare Clash Points. If the first mobile suit defending is destroyed then compare the attacker's clash points with the following mobile suit defending, EXCEPT subtract the Clash Point amount from the first suit. Keep going till all the defending mobile suits are destroyed, or the attacker is destroyed.
  7. Here's some pictures to help:
Support defend 01.jpg

Hopefully this gives value/usage to cards that indicate abilities to defend with other mobile suits defending.

The name "Support - Defend" may sound odd but as the future comes i hope to include other similar rules that can be easily abbreviated by "Support - X" much like "Dock Pilots" which abbreviates the whole "pay x to place this card on the dock for its effect".

Player Priority

Also known as "Priority" or "Timing and Priority" etc is a method to determine when and who can activate or respond to various situations with cards in place or in hand. It sometimes goes by as an unwritten rule because of how self-intuitive it can be. IE, you can't just arbitrarily look through your deck. Most card game's rule books won't bother to mention this simply because you wouldn't ever be able to look through your deck unless instructed by a card's effect.

Which ever player's turn it is, has "Player Priority". This means for example:

If both players have an Event card that can be played at the same time, the players who's turn it is gets to play their card first. If they choose not to, the other player may go ahead and play their card.

This also applies when starting and ending phases. This means for example:

The player who's turn it is announces they are entering their Attack Phase. They have "Player Priority" but no cards to play. Before proceeding to declare attackers, the other player has a chance to play any cards they can (IE: EV-006 Nation of Total Pacifism). If they too have or choose not to play anything, then the first player continues to declare attackers and their turn.

Battlefield Rules:

Cost to Play

Battlefield cards are a huge advantage and same time disadvantage. Because of how easily they can are destroyed its almost not worth fielding. To make them more relevant and their disadvantage more considerable. The following rule effects all Battlefield cards:

  • All battlefield cards COST 0 to play (you still need to meet requirements and you still suffer from the battle scar)

This gives battlefield cards more consideration to play as you are already investing the cost of several cards just to play them only to have them wiped out the next turn.


It is a little unclear when a battlefield's effect takes place. To clarify it, the phase shown after the word [Effect] on the card indicates when the ability can be activated. The ability can only be used by the owner of the battlefield card on either players turn. 

Pilot Rules:

There are two types of pilot cards, 'regular' pilots that attached to Mobile Suits and ones that remain on the dock. The following change will help distinguish them. Note, only one pilot can be attached to a Mobile Suit unless stated otherwise.

All Pilots can be attached or detached from a Mobile Suit card once per turn unless an effect from it or another card says different. This means no sneaky repetitive attach and detached mechanics for card effects.

Dock Pilot

Pilot cards with the term "Dock Pilot" are pilot cards that remain on your dock until destroyed or removed from the game by its or another card(s) effect. This also helps lower how wordie a card is.

The following Cards are consider "Dock Pilots":

  • PL-006 Relena Darlian
  • PL-008 Doctor J
  • PL-020 Relena Peacecraft
  • PL-025 Minister Darlian
  • PL-026 Professor G
  • PL-027 Instructor H
  • PL-034 Quinze
  • PL-036 Duke Dermail
  • PL-046 Mariemaia Khushrenada
  • PL-047 Dekin Barton
  • PL-049 The President of Earth Sphere
  • PL-050 Relena Darlian
  • PL-051 Master O
  • PL-052 Doktor S

Of course you can STILL attach these pilots to mobile suits, not that you would want to since there's no limit to how many pilots can be in your dock. All other pilots not on this list are considered 'regular' pilots.

List of Limited Cards

The following is a list of cards mentioned earlier that are limited when building a deck. This is a never ending process and there will be many revisions in the future.


  • BF-004 L2 colony
  • BF-008 space fortress libra
  • BF-026 X-18999

Mobile Suits:

  • MS-050 Tallgeese II
  • MS-067 Wing Gundam Zero Custom
  • MS-068 Gundam Deathcythe H. Custom
  • MS-069 Gundam Heavyarms Custom
  • MS-070 Gundam Sandrock Custom
  • MS-071 Altron Gundam


  • EV-007 Specials
  • EV-008 Romefeller Foundation
  • EV-014 Space Fortress Barge
  • EV-023 Zero System
  • EV-030 Aftermath
  • EV-034 Vangquished
  • EV-043 Rose Essence
  • EV-045 The Alliance Summit
  • EV-046 MD Control Device
  • EV-048 Self-Sacrifice
  • EV-053 Neo Titanium
  • EV-073 End of Waltz


  • PL-008 Doctor J
  • PL-010 Treize Khushrenada
  • PL-028 Milliardo Peacecraft
  • PL-036 Duke Dermail
  • PL-046 Mariemaia Khushrenada
  • PL-047 Dekim Barton

No longer Limited:

  • EV-061 13th Constellation